Committee Members

The Nutmeg Book Award Selection Committee Chairs

Selection Chairs for the 2020 Nutmegs

Committees are currently reading books for inclusion on the 2020 Nutmeg lists.

Selection Co-Chairs Elementary (grades 2-3)

Allison Murphy / and Michele Kaminski /

Selection Co-Chairs Intermediate (grades 4-6)

Elizabeth McKay / and Kristen Finnegan /

Selection Co-Chairs Middle School (grades 7-8)

Bailey Berardino / and Kendra Wallace /

Selection Co-Chairs High School (grades 9-12)

Cathy Andronik / and Marisa Bucci /

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Selection Chairs for the 2019 Nutmegs

The 2019 Nutmeg lists were announced May 1, 2018.

Selection Co-Chairs Elementary (grades 2-4)

Amy Laughlin / and Shana Shea /

Selection Co-Chairs Intermediate (grades 4-6)

Pamela Dear / and Rebecca Anderson /

Selection Chair Teen (grades 7-8)

Cara McConnell /

Selection Co-Chairs High School (grades 9-12)

Danielle Berube / and Alexandra Klaus /

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Selection Chairs for the 2018 Nutmegs

The 2018 Nutmeg Award winners have been announced.

Selection Co-Chairs Elementary (grades 2-4)

Anne Porier / and Katie Clancy /

Selection Co-Chairs Intermediate (grades 4-6)

Stefanie Bergstrom / and Meg Schiebel /

Selection Co-Chairs Teen (grades 7-8)

Dora Salm / and Marie Aspinwall /

Selection Chair High School (grades 9-12)

JanMarie Weston /

The Nutmeg Book Award Steering Committee Members

2018 Steering Committee Chair: Anne Porier /

Treasurer: Kristin Raiche, Enfield Public Library, Enfield

CASL Representative: Janice Pellegrino, Foran High School, Milford & Stratford Library Association, Stratford

CLA Representatives: N/A

Nutmeg Facilitator and State Library Liaison: Linda Williams

Historian: Linda Williams

Secretary: Lisa Polack, Ellington Middle School, Ellington

Publications: Heather Aronson, Southbury Public Library

Promotional Materials: to order materials, click HERE

Heather Aronson ,

Southbury Public Library

100 Poverty Road

Southbury, CT 06488

(203) 262-0626 ext. 111

Members at Large: Pamela Dear, Kristi Sadowski, Heather Baker, Cathy Andronik, Joan Stokes, Ann Marie Salerno, Dawn Higginson, Kristin Raiche, Caitlin Augusta, Geri Diorio

Website: Shana Shea, Windsor Public Library, Windsor

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