Committee Applications

Committee selection has taken place for the 2021 committees, please check back in October 2019.


Please take the time to read the requirements at the top of the application so you know what to expect if you are chosen to be a member of a Nutmeg selection committee.

Please fill out an application for the committee that is your first choice:

Elementary Grades 2-3

Intermediate Grades 4-6

Middle School Grades 7-8

High School Grades 9-12


If you know a student who would is interested in becoming a student reader on the Intermediate, Middle School, or High School Selection Committees, please share the corresponding application listed below. Please make sure they read the requirements at the top of the application. It is a challenging but rewarding experience!

Intermediate students in grades 6 or 7

Middle School students in grades 8 or 9

High School students in grades 10 or 11

Please note, we are not accepting applications from high school seniors and do not have student readers on the Elementary Book Award Selection Committee.


Every student that applies to be on a committee will need a recommendation from a teacher or librarian. Instead of a letter, we are asking the teacher or librarian to fill out a recommendation form.

Filled out by a teacher or librarian

Intermediate Recommendation Form (students in grades 6 or 7)

Middle School Recommendation Form (students in grades 8 or 9)

High School Recommendation Form (students in grades 10 or 11)