Nutmeg Timeline

Starting on May 1st with the public announcement of the nominees, and continuing through summer reading and during the school year from September-April, students read the current year's nominees. By April 30 readers vote in their school or public library for their favorite book from the current year's nominees to determine the current year's Nutmeg Book Award winners.

On or about May 15th, the winning books from the April voting are announced.

Each year, committee members read many titles to decide on the final listing of nominees. In early October, student & librarian selection committee applications are posted to the website. These application period closes in mid-November and the committee (co)chairs then choose their committees. The committee members read from January to November, determining a final list of nominees.

The new nominees will be announced on or by March 15. This will NOT be a secret announcement but a soft announcement for anyone who may needs the lists to prepare for when students start to read these books on May 1. Students read the nominees from May through April, voting in their school or public library for their favorite title by April 30th. On or about May 15th the winning titles are announced.

Nutmeg by date

By April 30

Readers vote in their school or public library for their favorite book from the current year's nominees to determine the Nutmeg Book Award winner.

May 15

The winning titles for the current year's Nutmeg Award is announced.

February - May

Nominated titles for the next year's Nutmeg Award are announced privately to Connecticut librarians (on or about February 15th) and then publicly (May 1st) and publicity materials (bookmarks and spine labels) are made available.


Promotional materials orders will be accepted and filled while supplies last.

June - September

Public libraries sponsor summer reading programs featuring Nutmeg nominees. Schools add Nutmeg books to their summer reading lists.

September - April

Students continue to read the Nutmeg nominees in schools and public libraries across the state. Students in grades 6-7 and grades 8-9 may apply to be members of the Intermediate and Teen Nutmeg Selection Committees respectively. Students in grades 10-11 may serve on the High School Nutmeg Selection Committee. Applications to serve on a committee are posted on the website in October and close in November/December. Each consists of essays, an application, and teacher recommendation. Committee members read numerous titles from January through November in order to choose a final list of nominees. See our Participation page for more information.

April 1

Readers vote for their favorite book to determine the year's Nutmeg Book Award winner! Submit your organization's votes online to the Nutmeg Book Award Chair by April 30.