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1996 Nominees

My Name is Brain Brian
by Jeanne Betancourt
Brian isn't stupid; he just needs a different way to learn -- and one special teacher gives him a chance to prove it.

Sparrow Hawk Red
by Ben Mikaelsen
To avenge his mother's death, Ricky infiltrates a band of drug smugglers -- and pilots a small plane where no one else dares.

Chevrolet Saturdays
by Candy D. Boyd
Ten-year-old Joey discovers the importance of family as he details with problems at school, and at home with a new step-father.

Soccer Shock
by Donna J. Napoli
When 10-year-old Adam discovers that his freckles can see and talk, he plans to use this secret to get onto the school soccer team.

The Boggart
by Susan Cooper
Returning from a visit to the Scottish castle her family has inherited, Emily finds that she has accidently brought back with her a boggart, an invisible and mischievous spirit with a fondness for practical jokes.

The Grand Escape **
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Two comfortable housecats venture forth to find adventure on city streets, and find themselves involved in a quest.

I Am Lavina Cumming
by Susan Lowell
In 1905, ten-year-old Lavina leaves her beloved Arizona ranch to live with her aunt in San Francisco, where she learns the meaning of the family motto, "Courage."

Disappearing Bike Shop
by Elvira Woodruff
Tyler and his best friend, Freckles, watch a building rise into the air, then disappear -- but later they make an even more amazing discovery.

Dinah for President
by Claudia Mills
Determined to be noticed in middle school, Dinah runs for the presidency of the sixth grade -- and meanwhile makes a very special friend.

The Star Fisher
by Laurence Yep
A Chinese family struggles to fit into a small West Virginia community -- and baking an apple pie may hold the key.We are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!