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My Daniel
by Pam Conrad
A Nebraska farm is the setting for this intriguing adventure about a teen-age boy and his amazing discovery.

Rescue Josh McGuire
by Ben Mikaelsen
When Josh rescues an orphaned baby cub, he flees to the mountains rather than obeying the law which demands that the animal be turned over to the authorities for laboratory testing.

Jim Ugly
by Sid Fleischman
Twelve-year-old Jake sets out, with his dog, to search for his father who has disappeared with some stolen diamonds.

Tails of the Bronx
by Jill Pinkwater
Missing cats...a haunted house...a homeless girl: neighborhood mysteries a group of street-sDealing with Dragonsmart kids combine their wits and talents to solve.

Letters from Rifka
by Karen Hesse
Rifka, a Russian Jew, writes unmailed letters to her cousin which recount her family's efforts to leave Russia and reach America around 1920.

Finding Buck McHenry
by Alfred Slote
Convinced that the school custodian is really a former star pitcher from the Negro baseball leagues, Jason tries to recruit him as his new team's coach.

The Twinkie Squad
by Gordon Korman
Their classmates call them the "Twinkie Squad" (the kids that don't fit in) until Douglas Fairchild arrives with his irrepressible brand of mayhem.

The Biggest Klutz in the Fifth Grade **
by Bill Wallace
Winning a seemingly impossible bet to remain unhurt during the summer or having to kiss the class "Blimp," accident-prone Pat discovers there are pleasant surprises in store for the loser.

Afternoon of the Elves
by Janet Taylor Lisle
Nine-year-old Hillary makes friends with Sara-Kate, an eleven-year-old outcast, whose mysterious homelife includes an elf village in her back yard.

Dealing with Dragons
by Patricia C. Wrede
Princess Cimorene hated living in Linderware and definitely did not want to marry a boring prince. She finds the answer to her problems in a dark, damp dragon's cave.